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>You read my mind! I have been thinking of doing this since the day I saw the engineering and scientific group.

Nice to know! Great minds or idiots you choose!

>A good starting point would perhaps be to email the release engineering
>list [1] and state your intention citing the comps files. [2]

Excuse my inexperience,

What is the method to achieve this then? Is it to write a comps file to define the categories and sub-categories, then include this in the Spin, or in Fedora in general?

What would be the best way to get suggestions of categories / packages from the wider community? And what about intergration with groups such as the Astronomy SIG?

Also, would the best place to start be to branch the comps files git tree? Or not?!

>As far as I know, Fedora's "package groups" try to address such a concern.
>  I might be completely off track here though. But, please discuss this issue on the packaging list[.]

I have emailed the packaging list about this FYI.


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