Re: Plasma 6-5 failure

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On Monday 6 May 2024 18:30:24 CEST Mark @ GMail wrote:
> Cannot start root mode Krusader, /usr/libexec/kf5/kdesu not found or
> not executable. Please verify that kde-cli-tools are installed

I believe this to be a miss leading message unfortunately :(

> kde-cli-tools are installed (also v 6.0.4, release 1.fc40), and why is
> it looking in the kf5 folder.  It's right, kdesu isn't there, but it is
> in /usr/libexec/kf6.

It's looking for kf5 because Krusader is still kf5 based.

Can you try installing kf5-kdesu ?

Even then it is kind of strange because the package provides /usr/libexec/kf5/
kdesud (notice the d at the end).

Best regards,


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