Re: How to specify desktop location from the command line?

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On Monday, 19 February 2024 10.32.23 WET Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

> No, I'd rather there was a policy of requiring man pages, along with

> the other policies regarding what is accepted in Fedora.

I my humble opinion man pages are the wrong answer for the right problem.

That is why more and more packages, in this case command line interface programs, use inline help. There are several programs where you get help with the --help but there is no man page. Another challenge is to need to make into sync between both formats.

Man pages are not portable across different operating systems, they come from unix tradition, they suffer from several idiosyncratic, pardon historical, choices. They do not have hyper-link capabilities and so on.

The raw format looks to me as Word Perfect (from the 80's) that was used by George R.R. Martin to write the "Game of Thrones". :-)

So I would prefer for application to have better inline help even if that is not a man page.



José Abílio Matos

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