Re: How to specify desktop location from the command line?

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On Sun, 2024-02-11 at 18:05 -0500, Go Canes wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 11, 2024 at 11:45 AM José Abílio Matos <jamatos@xxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> >   I am writing this from Plasma 6.0 RC2. :-)
> > [...]
> > Is it possible to specify, e.g from the command line, in which
> > screen/desktop to launch an application?
> You can do this with Plasma 5 using "kstart".  I cannot comment on
> Plasma 6.

I'll take a look. Is there any documentation for this? When I search on I get:

   "The application kstart could not be found. Please check if you
   entered the name correctly, or use the navigation on the left to
   access the complete KDE User Documentation."

Googling it doesn't show anything useful either, and needless to say
there's no man page (most of KDE doesn't seem to have man pages,
something that has always frustrated me).

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