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On 1/29/24 00:35, Neal Gompa wrote:
I've been running it this way since the support was added in Zoom
5.10. If you have enableWaylandShare=true in your zoom config, then it will
fail without the XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP lie saying your environment is
not compatible. Sometimes you may also need to force PipeWire as a

All of these are kindly documented by the Arch folks:

That worked, thank you! I didn't know that I also needed to manually edit zoomus.conf (and in my case, manually tell it to use Pipewire as the screen capture mode).

For future reference, in early 2024, I was able to get screen sharing in Zoom working on a fully-patched Fedora KDE/Plasma system by making the following 3 changes:

* Run Zoom with an extra environment variable: XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME * Edit ~/.config/zoomus.conf and set enableWaylandShare=true * Within the application, Settings -> Screen share -> Advanced -> Screen capture mode on Wayland to "Pipewire Mode"

I've been running Wayland full-time with KDE/Plasma for a little more
than 2 years now, and this is one of only three applications that
gives me trouble. Plus rofi that can't do windows switching (maybe
someday KDE will support wlr-foreign-toplevel-management, or some
other mechanism to query active windows and things like that?)

Please file a bug to ask for support in KWin:

I may, though I'm very surprised no one else has already done so. Meanwhile, in looking into the rofi Wayland fork, I somehow stumbled upon this:, which looks perfect, except for the caveat "Only one client can bind this interface at a time." (which may make it completely useless).

Anyway, thank you for the Zoom tip, that's exactly what I needed,

-Adam Batkin

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