Re: Dolphin not recovering its previous session settings

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On Wednesday, 24 May 2023 11.46.34 WEST Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> X11 or Wayland?


> I have 3 Dolphin windows, two of which have split panes and the third
> of which has a terminal pane. Under X11 after logging in I can get all
> 3 windows, but the terminal is either open or closed in all three. The
> split ones are still split. See:
> Under Wayland, nothing works. This is partly (I think) because
> KDE/Plasma session restore on Wayland is simply broken. This has been
> reported multiple times and is logged as needing attention. It's the
> main reason I haven't switched to Wayland. See:
> poc

That is also the same reason why I have not yet changed to Wayland.

I also read Nate Graham's blog:

and specially here the reference to Wayland Showstoppers:

José Abílio Matos

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