Dolphin not recovering its previous session settings

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  I am using F38 and the latest updates, and updates-testing. I am also using 
X11 because of the session handling.

Since Thursday last week that dolphin is not able to start from the previous 
session. This does not seem to be a session problem but a dolphin problem 
because asking for dolphin to start from a specific session config file does 
not work.

As an example if I go to ~/,config/session and pick a file from there, for 


trying to start dolphin with the session option shows a single tab with the 
home dir (the default).

Previously running

dolphin -session 10cddbd766000168375387600000030090040_1684490045_935605

would restore the session instance of dolphin.

Did anyone else noticed this issue?

Best regards,
José Abílio Matos

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