Plasma logout oddness possible systemd-homed involvement

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I'm not motivated to investigate this further, but in case anyone else
is having a similar problem. After recent updates (currently
sddm-0.19.0^git20230201.3ee57e9-2.fc37.x86_64) I had a number of
issues, the most annoying of which was inability to log out on

First the login screen only showed a password dialogue, white
background and a small (apparently power) icon at the bottom right,
user selection was not possible, no response to Esc key, power icon
not clickable. Login via password for my normal user worked. This
appears to have been fixed by using system settings to change the
login screen.

Second wallpaper setting was lost, but as this frequently happens with
Plasma upgrades recently it may be unconnected. More unusually the
lock screen background has changed to black, which I have not seen

Lastly, as in the subject, logging out became an issue. Both
Plasma+X11 and Plasma+Wayland sessions simply hung on log out, whether
or not the logout screen option was selected. Without logout screen
this happened immediately on clicking logout, with logout screen it
happened after confirming logout. Whether the display blanked or just
froze appeared variable. Restarting and shutdown were fine. I was
unable to find any particularly noteable journal messages, however
there was a mention of systemd-homed being unable to find home for
sddm user and my account (Not a user managed by systemd-homed: No home
for user sddm known). On a whim I tried stopping systemd-homed during
a frozen logout (from a virtual terminal) then stopping and starting it again. After this I was able to log
out successfully from Plasma, and this has persisted across reboots
despite systemd-homed still running. Prior to this I had tried an
.autorelabel (without success) and, as mentioned, both X11 and Wayland
sessions had the same issue.

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