Re: signond eating memory and cpu

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On Mon, 2023-01-23 at 22:22 +0000, Sérgio Basto wrote:
> On Mon, 2023-01-23 at 22:10 +0000, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> >  don't have any service to disable 
You misquoted me, but never mind.

> we don't have any service to disable 

First of all, it turns out I *do* have the signon package, so ignore my
comments about dependencies. Don't know why I thought I didn't have it.

Secondly, there is a config file in /etc/signond.conf which presumably
would be the place to start looking. My system is not running the
signond daemon. However there doesn't seem to be any documentation that
I can see, and it's not a systemd module (in fact it seems to depend on
Qt), so I can't be of much help.

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