Re: Install Fedora 37 or wait for Fedora 38?

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On 1/2/23 21:17, Benson Muite wrote:
On 1/2/23 20:41, Charlie Dennett wrote:

Besides being my everyday desktop, I run an apache webserver for my
genealogy research, use fetchmail to gather email from several gmail
accounts and my ISPs email account then use dovecot as my IMAP server
and serve that out to thunderbird on my desktop and K9Mail on my phone
and chromebook.  I use samba to share out some file systems to my
Windows machine (it has Quicken to track my family finances) plus I back
Awesome setup. What features in Quicken are most useful that are not in
open source financial applications that could be or are packaged for Fedora?

I track my retirement and other investments, bank accounts, charge cards. Use the tax planning feature and consult with my financial guy to make sure I'm ok. I've got probably 2 decades+ of data in there. I've looked at apps like gnucash, kmymoney and a couple of others I found. There was no way to easily transfer all that data. I tried it one account at a time but I couldn't make it work. I'd have to start from scratch. So for now I'll keep using Quicken under Windows.
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