Re: Install Fedora 37 or wait for Fedora 38?

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On 31/12/2022 21:45, Sbob wrote:

I am currently running Fedora 36 on my Dell XPS 17, I am considering a new install based upgrade to Fedora 37, but I see that Fedora 38 is due out in April. Interested in your thoughts, would you install Fedora 37 now or just wait for Fedora 38?

I think it's a bit strange to use Fedora and not upgrade within a couple weeks/months of a new release coming out. It sort of defeats the point of using Fedora?

Anyway. I've been using Fedora 37 (KDE Wayland) on my XPS 13 9370 and desktop for a few weeks now and everything works great! :)
Arthur Bols
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