Fedora 36: KDE blockers and priorities

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Hey folks! Just wanted to sync up on the Fedora 36 Final process.
First, some key dates:

2022-04-05 (1400 UTC): Final freeze starts
2022-04-14: Go/No-Go meeting

We would want to have all known blockers addressed by 2022-04-11 at the
latest in order to have sufficient time for validation testing.

Any update that wants to go stable after 2022-04-05 1400 UTC will need
to be a fix for a blocker or FE bug, so if there are updates you folks
want included in Final that are *not* blocker/FE fixes, please ensure
they're submitted in good time. If there's an issue getting sufficient
karma for an update, please let us know on the test@ list or the QA
IRC/Matrix channel.

Quick note, I'm mostly on PTO from Saturday (April 2) to April 17. I
will be checking in periodically but won't be anywhere near as around
as I usually am. Please treat pings/pokes from the rest of my team with
as much priority as you do or don't usually treat pings/pokes from me.
:D coremodule (Geoffrey Marr) and Frantisek Zatloukal will be handling
blocker herding duties.

There's currently only one outstanding blocker for KDE, but it's been
sitting for a while:
https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=447958 , was marked as dupe of:
It's a bug where hitting the About button in Discover causes the app to
stop responding, apparently due to some kind of loop in the UI code.
Aleix seems to have diagnosed the problem in upstream #448784, but that
was last month and I don't see a fix yet.

Thanks folks!
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA
IRC: adamw | Twitter: adamw_ha

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