Re: Building from a Kickstart file - out of space error

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On Wed, 2022-03-30 at 04:23 +0000, phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Also, your original message did in fact reach the list,
> Yes, I know . . I said that . . 
> > so maybe check
> your list settings:
> >
> > in case you've configured it to not send you copies of your own
> > mail.
> That is a general Fedora list info but in any case, like I said, I
> have plently of other Fedora lists that I am happily receiving mail
> from . . I will have to dig deeper on this end to confirm it is not
> my mail server or some maildrop thing . .

IIRC Fedora lists are managed by Mailman, and each list has its own
per-user configuration. Mailman options include one to not send you
copies of your own posts. You might want to check what it says for this

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