Dolphin ignores umask

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I first discovered this issue when a user complained she could not access a file I created on an NFS4 share.

I don't see this issue if I use fish:// to access any directory, local or remote.

We are on fully updated KDE fedora 34 and 35 systems, and this has been a problem for quite awhile, through many Fedora updates, possibly as far back as fedora 18 (arbitrary number).  Until now I've usually just run chmod -R g+w  on the share on the file server or locally when it matters, then went about my business.  I have put it off too long and so did a bit of investigation.

This happens every time on both Konqueror and Dolphin.  It never happens in Konsole.  Meaning that if I open Konsole and cd to /fs1/work (the nfs share),  and create a file or directory, the permissions are set to 664 and 2775 (SGID is set for all directories) as expected, with a umask of 002 for all users.  Note that the umask on both servers and clients are set to 002.

So only Dolphin and Konqueror ignore the umask=0002 setting, and only when not accessing a file system via fish.  This happen on both remote NFS shares and locally.

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