Re: Where does one go to save a session?

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On Thu, 2021-09-16 at 13:25 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> On 16/09/2021 13:19, George R Goffe wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > It's unclear just where one goes to save a session.
> > 
> > In startup I have use a previous session selected.
> > 
> > It used to be in leave from the desktop. All I see on this system
> > is "sleep" "hibernate" "restart" "shutdown" and "logout". Nothing
> > about saving a session.
> > 
> > Am I doing something wrong?
> > 
> > I come up in run level 3 and then login and then startx if I need
> > to.
> > 
> > Any/all help/hints/tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> > 
> > Best regards and stay safe!
> Save Session has been disabled due to multiple problems.

That's on Wayland. On Xorg it still works as it always did.

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