Re: plasmashell crashes on right click in menu

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On 29/07/21 3:42 pm, Matthew Lavigne wrote:
Posting here as a question before I bug this (first time back on Plasma in a long time).

F34 current
Looks like plasma-5.22.3-1 (plasma-desktop-5.22.3-1.fc34.x86_64)

Issue:   When looking to add items to the taskbar (similar to Cinnamon) I select the application that I want to add and right click.... Immediately plasmashell goes away.   It does restart.  Frustrating in that there has to be a way to move apps to the panels to have access to them without pinning but either I am missing it or doing something wrong.

Can you please elaborate on "I select the application that I want to add and right click"? From where did you select and right-click the application? I just tried to right click an application item from the standard application launcher menu (from the kickoff menu button on the left corner of the panel), and then selected 'add to panel (widget)' and that created an icon on the panel for the application. So things seem to work fine on my machine.



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