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On Wed, 2021-07-21 at 12:36 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
On 21/07/2021 10:19, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
I have build an old version of audacity (audacity-2.4) from source and placed the executable in ~/bin.  When I start audacity from the command line (say):
$ audacity-2.4 98.03.14-a.aup
everything runs as it should.  But when attempt to start audacity-2.4 from dolphin clicking
dolphin->98.03.14-a.aup->rt-click/Open With->Other Application->audacity-2.4
the program started is audacity not audacity-2.4 .  Similarly it's not possible to start audacity-2.4 from the Start Button on the Panel.

I don't have the problem with xv, which I also build from source and placed in ~/bin .

Did you edit the audacity menu item in the KDE Menu (Lower Left) to point to your version?  And, if you had a favorite item defined previously for audacity, did you delete that as well?

I would think that audacity and audacity-2.4 are different programs, despite the similarity of their names.  However if I rename audacity-2.4 as fred ($ mv audacity-2.4 fred)  things work properly.

Audacity is not a favorite.  The strangest thing is that when I attempt to start audacity-2.4 from dolphin , "Other Applications" shows audacity-2.4 as a possible choice, but when I click on it audacity (not audacity-2.4) starts.

Sincerely Jonathan Ryshpan <jonrysh@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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