Re: Problems after upgrade to Fedora-34

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On Wed, 2021-06-30 at 08:23 -0700, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
>    A recent upgrade from Fedora-33 to Fedora-34 has introduced these
> problems:
>  * Dragging a window icon in the pager from one desktop to another no
>    longer moves the related window from that desktop to the other.  
>    (Or possibly there is some option that needs to be set?)
>  * The new system to select which desktop to move a window between
>    desktops to is not a good one.  To move a window one has to select
>    Top-Decoration->Desktops and tick the (additional) desktop that
> the
>    window should be on, then do this again to untick the current
>    desktop.
>  * If Firefox is quitted and then restarted, it no longer restores
> its
>    windows to the desktops that they were on before it was quitted.
>  * Discover no longer gives much info about packages being upgraded.
>     For my current upgrade it simply reports "System Upgrade / 62
>    packages to upgrade".  This is not useful in getting info about
>    unfamiliar packages or finding out whether a reboot is desirable.
>  * Some .jpg files are not previewed on the Desktop.  I have no idea
>    about why some are previewed and others are not.
> Platform: Fedora-34
> KDE Plasma: 5.22.2
> KDE Framework: 5.83.0
> Graphics: Wayland

Most if not all these issues are related to Wayland (other than
Discover, which is something else). Try KDE under Xorg.

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