Re: How to turn off wayland in the login window of F34 SOLVED

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On 5/27/21 2:22 PM, Lester M Petrie wrote:

On 5/27/21 1:45 PM, Rex Dieter wrote:
Rex Dieter wrote:

Lester M Petrie wrote:

Another option that would be OK would be to make wayland the non-default

kde wayland support is currently enforced through dependencies, so I'm not
aware of any way to "turn off wayland".

I have an older desktop that is VERY slow using wayland, and has frozen such that I had to do a hard reset. I would like not having to check every time I login that X11 is set.

I looked harder, and this may work (untested): Edit /etc/sddm.conf to change

# Directory containing available Wayland sessions


then sddm should cease offering wayland options on the login screen.

-- Rex

Thanks. I will try this and report back.

This worked. I set SessionDir=/etc/sddm.conf.d which is an empty directory on this machine, then logged out, and the login screen no longer had a selection for picking wayland or X11. When I logged back in, I was running X11.

Lester M Petrie
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