Re: How to start dead plasmashell on a set tty

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On 25/05/2021 07:49, Rex Dieter wrote:
Robin Laing wrote:


Fedora 33 still and have an issue.

My plasmashell crashed.  It isn't running and I have my open apps and a
black background.  Right click does nothing and there is no menu bar.

Is there a way to restart the plasmashell

Best way, use krunner (ALT-F2, or whatever shortcuts you have assigned),
then run:
plasmashell --replace

-- Rex

This is a problem since it doesn't work.

I have had an issue on "this" account for some time where shortcuts don't work. I really don't want to delete all my configuration files and reconfigure the account to get things working but that may be my only option.
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