Re: How to start dead plasmashell on a set tty

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On 25/05/2021 07:57, Tomáš Trnka wrote:
qdbus-qt5 org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer org.kde.KSMServerInterface.logout 0 2

Actually, turns out this now has a more modern alternative (no magic numbers

qdbus-qt5 org.kde.Shutdown /Shutdown org.kde.Shutdown.logout

(or .logoutAndReboot or .logoutAndShutdown as necessary)


I wish I had seen this earlier. I would have tried it. Ended up closing all apps and then using "loginctl kill-user {user}" to kill the session. I didn't need to do a shutdown.

I now know that when I have a slow login, to restart plasmashell BEFORE the shell crashes.

This will go into my notes.
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