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Ever since the latest massive kde5 update (Saturday 8 May 2021), I have not been able to use the task bar to switch between open windows - and sometimes not even to start certain applications that have taskbar icons. Anything in the System Tray is all right - like the dnfdragora update icon, the clipboard, the new-device icon, or the volume icon. But anything for an open window? Forget it. Every time I click on such an object, the computer pauses for about ten or fifteen seconds, during which it accepts no input from mouse or keyboard - and then blanks the screen, abruptly closes all open windows, and restarts the session. Most of the time the session is all right, but not always - in which case I restart the machine.

It's not the kernel. I've tried this with all three versions of the kernel I now have on board. (They're all three F34 builds by now.)

It's one or more of the applications that are part of KDE Plasma. But I despair of telling which one. That update had 185 programs in it, and only four of them are referable to the kernel.

I can always use the Alt-Tab trick to browse open windows to get to any open window I want. I can always start most programs through the Applications Menu; that icon works. I think I can start one instance of Dolphin - but starting a new instance requires the task bar, so that's out. The only way to open two instances of Dolphin is to connect an external device, thus giving me an excuse to open that device in Dolphin and then switch views. (And another thing: movement and copying from one Dolphin instance to another is also broken. I have to use the clipboard as an intermediate step. Otherwise Dolphin complains that it can't read what I'm trying to move or copy.)

In other news, my bug reporting system is broken and won't report anything, and the KDE Daemon keeps crashing at the beginning of every session - though I can't tell whether I'm losing anything by that.

Has anyone else noticed this issue?

Can someone having an intact reporting system, or an upstream channel, try to report this?

Thanks in advance.


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