Re: kwallet not unlocking on login

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On 30/04/2021 15:37, Jan Drögehoff wrote:
On 30/04/2021 06:00, Jan Drögehoff wrote:

I ran into the same problem.

I figured I'd "experiment" by deleting (actually moving) what I thought
would be my old wallet.
I did....

mv ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet-old
for me the wallet was under ~/.kde/share/apps/kwalletd and even after moving it and creating a new default wallet it continues to happen

Looking a the dates in that directory would make it a remnant from an old version of KDE>

I then logged out.  Upon logging back in, much to my surprise, everything worked!

This is good, since I couldn't recall what the password may be.
Oddly enough doing random things seemed to have fixed it for me to, just to reappear a few boots later
I'd say its harddrive corruption but then it randomly works again


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