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On 30/04/2021 06:00, Jan Drögehoff wrote:
After the Fedora 34 update on tuesday kded5 has been nagging me to unlock my KDE wallet which is strange considering it should be unlocked by SDDM usind the pam module.

After asking around on irc and finding this [1] Ask Fedora post this seems to be more than a one time occurance but I haven't been able to found out why this happens.

Can anyone shed a light on this?

I ran into the same problem.

I figured I'd "experiment" by deleting (actually moving) what I thought would be my old wallet.
I did....

mv ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet-old

I then logged out.  Upon logging back in, much to my surprise, everything worked!

This is good, since I couldn't recall what the password may be.

Remind me to ignore comments which aren't germane to the thread.
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