Re: Freezing Plasma in Fedora?

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On 26/12/2020 00:07, Robin Laing wrote:
On 23/12/2020 05:04, Sérgio Basto wrote:
On Mon, 2020-12-21 at 19:04 -0700, Robin Laing wrote:
On 17/12/2020 15:51, Mikhail Ramendik wrote:

I had to leave Fedora a year ago because of breaking KDE Plasma
updates mid-cycle (even on "current minus one" Fedora). I have
learned that this problem is unavoidable because of the Plasma
cycle, when the previous (non-LTS) release immediately stops being
supported; this forces an update mid-cycle to a new Plasma and
glitches can happen.

I am looking at trying again, but can I somehow freeze all Plasma
packages, while not disabling updates for all other stuff? I know
"dnf versionlock" is, but how do I create a correct list for it?

The idea would be to freeze Plasma packages in advance of a Plasma
version update and unfreeze a month after the new version goes into
Fedora, watching for critical security issues in the meantime.

I am having weird lockups with nvidia driver.  Need to use the
source for some apps I use.  Machine is not 100% frozen as I can ssh
and make a clean shutdown.

I am using Xorg still.

It only seems to happen when playing videos in full screen on one

I do have some issues when switching between sessions as I have
users logged in at one time and all the time.  If I use Plasma
I end up with a KWIN using 100% of a CPU.  I have not had time to
about it yet.  Going to wait to update to F33 first.

I am concerned about KDE stability at present.  Many little things
adding up to a major headache.

what nvidia do you have ? I don't remember any freeze problem in many
months or years .
Now problems and freezes with old nvidia cards I got some , in a old
laptop I need to use kernel 4.14 TLS ...

GeForce GTX 960

Only seems to happen when using one of two monitors for full screen video.  nVidia driver goes to 100%.

Also having issues with switching between users and sddm but I am waiting to upgrade to 33 to try to debug.

I have many problem with the present iteration of KDE on Fedora but waiting for F33 on this computer.

Had a slightly different freeze the other day and it didn't kill everything but it did freeze one of my monitors and caused other issues that would only end with a reboot.

All my desktop freezes had only one thing in common and that was Falkon open. This last freeze was directly related to Falkon as the process QtWebEngineProc.

From top.

965530 XXXX 20 0 3454544 1.6g 87892 R 138.6 5.2 4:55.10 QtWebEngineProc

QtWebEngineProc is called by Falkon. Looking through various lists, it does seem that there are some issues with this process and it is used for displaying stuff from the browser.

I am still on 32.

When I killed the QtWebEngineProc, is affected kscreenlocker and prevented me from switching accounts as there was no login prompt on the other account. kscreenlocker was at 100% for the second account.
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