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> On 28. 08. 20 13:33, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> > I'm sorry, I read through the mail, but I don't understand what you'd want
> > me to say, or what questions you'd want me to answer.
> You pretty much answered all the questions. Thanks.
> > In short, I've maintained the upstream shared-mime-info for 16 years, and
> > now is the time to let others in the community maintain it, both upstream
> > and downstream. It is still absolutely required, but it's not important
> > enough to be able to set time aside for.
> Understood.
> > As for the mimeapps.list, you might need to peruse the shared-mime-info
> > specifications, which explain what the different files do:
> >
> How is the list maintained in Fedora? Is there some working group (e.g.
> workstation) overseeing this or is it just the shared-mime-info package
> maintainer? Or is it Rex as indicated in
> ?

It used to a direct copy of the Workstation (GNOME) defaults. Now it's a copy
of nothing, and folks that care about it can ask the new maintainer for

The GNOME/Workstation defaults now live in the gnome-desktop3 package. I'd
encourage other desktops to ship their own mimeapps.list files to set defaults,
and leave the mimeapps.list in shared-mime-info well alone (it shouldn't
be needed, but "it broke things" not to have, and I never actually knew what
it broke).
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