Re: Future of shared-mime-info in Fedora

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On 28. 08. 20 13:33, Bastien Nocera wrote:
I'm sorry, I read through the mail, but I don't understand what you'd want
me to say, or what questions you'd want me to answer.

You pretty much answered all the questions. Thanks.

In short, I've maintained the upstream shared-mime-info for 16 years, and
now is the time to let others in the community maintain it, both upstream
and downstream. It is still absolutely required, but it's not important
enough to be able to set time aside for.


As for the mimeapps.list, you might need to peruse the shared-mime-info
specifications, which explain what the different files do:

How is the list maintained in Fedora? Is there some working group (e.g. workstation) overseeing this or is it just the shared-mime-info package maintainer? Or is it Rex as indicated in ?

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