Fwd: Language code changes over time: zh_CN -> zh_Hans

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For your information, on Rafal's advice, I sent a question to glibc community about new language codes.

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Objet: Language code changes over time: zh_CN -> zh_Hans
Date: 2019-10-10 17:22
De: Jean-Baptiste Holcroft <jean-baptiste@xxxxxxxxxxx>
À: libc-alpha@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, libc-locales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


the Fedora community is migrating to the Weblate translation platform.
This translation platform uses zh_Hans, zh_Hant, zh_Hant_HK by default, instead of zh_CN, zh_TW and zh_HK.

If I understand correctly, we need to make sure the language code exists in glibc before deciding using the new code for Linux applications.

The issue is as follow: a translation platform can be used by many projects, not all using glibc, like Websites or mobile application who already are using the new code.

The web tells that the codes zh_CN, zh_TW, zh_HK are old codes and should be replaced by the new ones. Multiple sources tends to confirm this (and show that other actors already did the move), the most relevant ones are:

And the replacement rule is also in the CLDR:

What is the support status of these new language codes in Glibc?
If not supported, can we imagine to have backward compatibility while upstream projects migrate to the new language code? I assume these are not the only language code renaming, what policy do you suggest concerning these?

Please do not hesitate to tell where this discussion should happen as this is my first contact with your community.

Thanks a lot for your help,
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