#52: Fedora 23 Test day planning

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#52: Fedora 23 Test day planning
  Reporter:  pravins  |     Owner:  tagoh@…
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 We had good test day for F22. https://fedorahosted.org/i18n/ticket/42
 We saw few more interest from community last time. Test day app looks nice
 and making things easier.

 We have 4 proposed change this time including 3 System-wide and 1 Self
 contained. Lets start planing for Test for 23.
 Action items:
 1. Decide date.
    - (alpha releasing on 11 Aug 2015 and flock is from 12-15 Aug 2015)
    - L10n is planning testing event on 18th Aug.
 2. Test cases planning.
 3. Community awareness for testing day.

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