updating pkgdb macro? [was: Re: Missing font information at wiki]

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Dne čtvrtek 23. listopadu 2017 5:19:00 CET, Akira TAGOH  napsal(a):
Please see the template I mentioned in the initial mail for more
details. the comment in the template describes more instruction how to
make a link to koji and pkgdb etc.

thanks, so I read that as adding those links will do the trick

while at it, I have noticed that adding [[pkgdb:horai-ume-fonts|horai-ume-fonts]] links to the web which is being decomissioned

I'm not familiar with wiki, and don't have the capacity to study processes and things around those font pages, so I'd like to kindly ask, if *someone* can take care of updating it to point to whatever replaces the old pkgdb (I can't even figure out what'd be the appropriate new link target :-( )?


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