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As Wine co-maintainer I would like to open a discussion on the fonts that Wine includes. For those that do not know Wine[1] is a set of libraries that allows Windows executables to run under a Linux environment.

Wine includes several fonts in order to provide support that Windows programs expect to exist. Packages include:
- wine-arial-fonts
- wine-courier-fonts
- wine-fixedsys-fonts
- wine-marlett-fonts
- wine-ms-sans-serif
- wine-small-fonts
- wine-symbol-fonts
- wine-system-fonts
- wine-tahoma-fonts
- wine-tahoma-fonts-system
- wine-wingdings-fonts

These packages (exception of wine-tahoma-fonts) install fonts to /usr/share/fonts and affect rendering in applications that call upon these fonts. Users have complained[2][3] of rendering using these fonts. I do not experience poor rendering with these fonts so it is hard for me to sympathize, but I hate having open bugs that go unanswered.

Can the Fedora Font SIG provide guidance? Should Wine be installing to /usr/share/fonts?



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