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Le Lun 19 mai 2014 09:11, Daiki Ueno a écrit :
> Hi,
> I heard from the Debian package maintainer of nhn-nanum-fonts that the
> font publisher has been split into several companies and the responsible
> entity of the font is now known as Naver Corporation (one of their group
> companies)[1].
> As we used the previous company name as the foundry, I filed a rename
> review[2].  However, since nhn-nanum-fonts is the default Korean font,
> if we rename it, we will also need to modify comps, anaconda, etc.  So,
> I'd rather not like to change the package name, if possible.  Is it okay
> for this case?
> Suggestions would be appreciated.

You can provide the old name for one or two releases to ease the transition

Nicolas Mailhot

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