Q: Trying to package msttcore fonts.

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Dear list,

The msttcore fonts package available  at [1] is a widely used add-on
package for Fedora/rpmfusion. I'm trying to make an official rpmfusion
package (using lpf) to make it possible to install this without
resorting to "out of Fedora" guides etc.

It's just that packaging fonts is real hard, at least for me. I have
made a first attempt available in [3] and [4]. If anyone has time, it
would be real nice to get some input... some questions:

- All fonts has as of now a .conf file, most of which are  just
placeholders. What should I do? Should there be alias or similar stuff
defined for these fonts? Or should I just drop the .conf file?

- The upstream file packages a file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/. What
should I do with this? Drop it? Put into a sub-package? Leave as-is?

- The upstream spec [2] does a lot of stuff in %post:  (mkfontscale,
mkfontdir...). How should I  cope with this?

- Although not strictly about fonts, since this gives me the creeps:
are the Obsoletes/Provides OK?

- Other thoughs?

Thanks for any help,


[1]  http://sourceforge.net/projects/ mscorefonts2/?source=directory
[2]  http://leamas.fedorapeople.org/mscore-fonts/0/msttcore-fonts-2.1-2-1.spec
[3]  http://leamas.fedorapeople.org/mscore-fonts/0/mscore-fonts.spec
[4]  http://leamas.fedorapeople.org/mscore-fonts/0/mscore-fonts-1.0-1.src.rpm
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