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I was looking around for a font in Fedora that could display emoji.

Symbola has good coverage but the images aren't the easiest to see at typical text sizes.

I found a couple of Android-related fonts that seem to fit the bill, namely Noto Color Emoji and Android Emoji, but neither are packaged for Fedora yet.

Noto Color Emoji appears in the Android source (e.g., but not in the upstream Noto at (although I guess it will show up at some point in the future).  As I understand it this is some kind of new-fangled colour font; it works on Fedora 20 (albeit in greyscale) but not on Fedora 19.  It uses bitmaps, so appears fuzzy at large sizes.

Older versions of Android include Android Emoji, which more recently appears to have been obsoleted by the afore-mentioned Noto Color Emoji (see  However, this is a scalable font, so I wonder if there would be some value in packaging it anyway?

Peter Oliver
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