introducing ttname, the CLI font metadata editor

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Hi Fedora font folks!

To make complying with the new licensing requirements [1] easier, I've written
a little tool that allows you to quickly edit the "name" table of OpenType fonts
from a shell.  This makes inserting the contents of a license to a ttf file that
is missing it in a spec file as easy as something like:
BuildRequires: ttname

%setup -q
ttname -a --copyright=$(head -n2 LICENSE) --license=$(<LICENSE)

It's already available in Rawhide and F20 and you can install it from updates-
testing in F19 and F18:
sudo yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install ttname

I've also filed buildroot overrides so it's immediately useful during builds as

I was disheartened to find that there was nothing like this already in
existence, so I tried to make it generally useful to the free font community. It
supports all the well known fields in the name table and can fill in the
undefined ones too if you give it the numerical IDs.

Let me know if you find it useful for other stuff, or if there's anything that
helpful I could add.  (For instance, it seems like there are a couple fields in
the "head" table that would be nice to support too, but I'm not sure.)

I'm going to be announcing the list of packages that have fonts that are missing
metadata soon.

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