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pravin.d.s@xxxxxxxxx (pravin.d.s@xxxxxxxxx) said: 
> >   Recently i done packaging of google-noto-fonts [1] for Fedora. With this
> > font we got number of new script fonts of Unicode which were not available
> > earlier. [2]
> >
> >   Just done editing of comps file and my question is out of these script
> > fonts how many we suppose to install by default.
> >
> >   Presently we are following like at least one fonts for each script
> > should be available with default installation, so if anyone while browsing
> > web etc can get correct rendering for his script.
> >
> >   But here issue is supporting whole Unicode with default installation
> > will be too much.
> >
> >   Might be we should only install fonts for BMP of Unicode and lets have
> > other fonts installed by users when required (we do have feature in Fedora
> > where if any fonts are not installed by default fontconfig search for
> > particular script fonts.)
> >
> >   I have done comps editing by keeping above thing in mind. If anyone have
> > other suggestion please let me know.

Sticking to the BMP is probably a good starting point, although I can see
desktop installations wanting the emoji subset of the SMP installed out of
the box.

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