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Well, no policies to complain about it. that would be the sort of RFE in that sense so far. but would be a good idea. let me try.


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| Sorry late reply:
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| > for f16,
| > We should have certain aliases for Tibetan, Dzongkha and Thai at
| > least. no aliases defined for those languages at all.
| >
| > Aside from that, some fonts packages being sorted out at "other"
| > (and
| > particularly is decorated by non-italic which would be installed by
| > default regardless of languages) may have options to 1) assign any
| > aliases to use it efficiently or 2) get rid of "mandatory" or
| > "default" from comps otherwise.
| How about filing bugs for missing aliases that should be fixed?
| A tracker bug may be good too?
| Jens
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