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Le Dim 20 mars 2011 17:50, Kevin Fenzi a Ãcrit :
> Greetings.
> Currently we are shipping fontforge-20100501 in f15.
> fontforge-20110222 is available (and in rawhide).
> What would folks think about updating f15?
> It's a bugfix release, so I wouldn't expect any big issues, but I thought I
would check with everyone before doing so.
> has a list of changes.

That would be nice but I'd really like the existing font packages to be
rebuilt against this version to make sure there is no regression and someone
who tries to rebuild a fedora font package with the fedora fontconfig gets the
same results as us.

And that needs someone to notify package owners, give them the time to rebuild
their packages if they want to, rebuild in their stead otherwise.

BTW : it's really nice to see all the fontconfig bugs squashed upstream those
past months because Fedora people reported them (sometimes with patches), keep
up the good work!

Nicolas Mailhot

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