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On 6 September 2010 00:55, Dave Crossland <dave@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ill be at fudcon zurich and so I expect to
> sort this there, if not sooner :)

I didn't actually book my transit until today, so I didn't really
commit, but I've just done so.

I'll be taking the train from London to Zurich:

Thursday 16th September 2010
09:32 - London St Pancras, Eurostar train, arrives 12:47 - Paris Nord
14:24 - Paris East, Lyria train, arrives 19:14 at Zurich Hb

However, I don't have any accommodation sorted. Can anyone suggest
anything? :-) I am into couchsurfing and have many references - - and I am happy to share
a room if there are any spare beds in any hotels/dorms etc.

I'm now consulting for Google on their libre web fonts project,, so I'm really looking forward to
talking to the Fedora design team about the wonderful fonts efforts
and community best practices :-)

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