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Le mercredi 08 septembre 2010 à 19:07 +0100, Alex Hudson a écrit :

> The i18n situation is also pretty sad from my point of view too. If you
> use pretty much any design app, OO Writer and Inkscape being the ones
> which cause me pain, the standard set of fonts that comes with Fedora is
> entirely confusing and bizarre, and gets completely in the way of
> actually trying to design text.

It's well known that the current font selectors are not good enough.
They were designed for a dozen unchanging fonts with four faces at most,
and the font state has grown a lot more complex since (unicode, smart
font features, fonts with lots of faces, etc). Nowadays a normal desktop
system can have a font library as complex as specialized design stations
had a decade ago, but the standard selectors have not been raised to the
level of dtp font selectors of last decade.

(you can probably find others on

There are many designs for better selectors floating around (some of
them years old).

I'm pretty use that as soon as GNOME, KDE or OO.o fixes its
implementation, the others will suddenly find the time to fix theirs.
Right now they seem to consider it's ok to suck as long as the others
suck equally.

I'd love to see progress there too, but it is a different problem than
the "font store" one.

Nicolas Mailhot

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