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Dave Crossland wrote:
> Where can I find a Fedora font SRPM with a makefile, from which I can
> make one for Cantarell? :-)
> I suppose this will be a FontForge Python script; if there isn't yet
> one, I will make one.

If you want a plain makefile that you can invoke at any time to generate
your fonts, then try the attached file. This should be called Makefile;
I've renamed it to get a reasonable MIME type.

The top rule will get FontForge to generate the TTF in the current
directory, regardless of the location of the source (because your sources
are in a subdirectory), and the Foundry name must be set, because scripts
won't read your preferences unless you ask them to, and they wouldn't be
of any use to others anyway!

This uses FontForge's "old" scripting language rather than Python, simply
because that's all I've ever used.

Paul Williams
# This is how we convert any SFD into a TTF
%.ttf : %.sfd
	fontforge -lang=ff -c 'Open($$1);SetPref("TTFFoundry","ABATTIS");Generate($$1:t:r+".ttf")' $<

# Search src/ subdirectory for prerequisites
VPATH = src
.PHONY : clean all

TARGETS = Cantarell-Regular.ttf \
	Cantarell-Oblique.ttf \
	Cantarell-Bold.ttf \

all : $(TARGETS)

clean :
	rm -f $(TARGETS)
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