Some feedback on Yanone Kaffeesatz

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Fist of all, I'd like to thank you for releasing the wonderful Yanone
Kaffeesatz for public use. We've been distributing it as an optional
component of Fedora Linux ( since 2007 and
it's been a pleasure to see it evolve.

Your latest re-licensing from CC-BY to the OFL is very much appreciated
(like other free and open source organisations, we consider the OFL one
of the best existing font licences). However I note that your
latest .zip release still does not include detached OFL.txt and
fontlog.txt files. That's a pity as many users won't dig in font
metadata for information and our own sanity rules forbid adding
licensing documents when they're not provided by the original author
(it's too easy to accidentally betray the author's intent when you write
those in his place). 

Therefore, I'd suggest adding those files to make sure you're justly
credited when your work is redistributed by third parties.

Secondly, as part of our ongoing QA work, we've been running automated
checks on the font files included in Fedora Linux. Yanone Kaffeesatz
seems to fail some of those. Could you take a look at it please? I've
attached the detailed logs to this message, they include the output of
fontlint and of the coverage tests.

P#     t17  t19
1      4    4
Total  4    4

P#  SRPM                     RPM                      EVR                Arch
1   yanone-kaffeesatz-fonts  yanone-kaffeesatz-fonts  0:20100514-1.fc14  noarch

Test explanation:

t17. Warning: fonts that do not pass fontlint sanity checks

  ☛ Font upstream task
  Fontforge's fontlint¹ test suite found problems in some files included in
  the package. Those problems may not be obvious and only manifest as
  strange behaviour in specific applications (making them hard to debug).
  For that reason it is recommended to report those problems upstream and
  get them fixed, even if the font file seems to work fine most of the time.
  You can ask help about specific fontlint errors on:
t19. Suggestion: fonts with partial script coverage

  ☛ Font upstream task
  Some font files included in the package are missing a few glyphs to be
  accepted by fontconfig as covering one or several scripts. Therefore they
  could be made useful to more people with only a little effort.
  Many scripts differ by only a few glyphs and it is unfortunately common
  for font authors not to notice they stopped just short of full support for
  some of them.
  To check a font file script coverage, run:
  $ FC_DEBUG=256 fc-query font-file
  and look for lines like:
  script-id¹(number) { list-of-unicode-codepoints }
  For example
  “mi(2) { 1e34 1e35 }”
  means fontconfig will accept the tested file for Maori if codepoints 1e34
  and 1e35 are added.
  fontconfig is used by a lot of applications on many platforms so ignoring
  its opinion on a font is a mistake.

Best regards, 

Nicolas Mailhot
Fedora fonts special interest group


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