Re: What happens if a package includes non-free fonts already?

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On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 5:09 AM, Paul Flo Williams <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have been investigating bug 536920, which is a crash in fontlint when
> running against a font file included in poker3d-data.
> This font file is neurpoli.ttf, which turns out to be one of the Larabie
> fonts. Larabie fonts cannot be packaged because of the restrictions on
> modification:
> I imagine that Nicholas raised this problem while doing his periodic
> fonts-incorrectly-packaged-in-non-font-package checks. The request to
> separate out the fonts from poker3d-data has been long since closed
> But actually, it seems that poker3d-data couldn't have this font separated
> out anyway.
> Should I be raising a bug against poker3d-data along the lines of "you
> need to remove non-free font from package"?

My thought as a bugzapper is to re-open #477443 and set to the version
you found the bug in and set information request maintainer. Going by
# 477443 information only I see fast track non-responsive maintainer
in this bugs future.

Edward (tk009)
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