Please review another new proposal to improve Chinese fonts choosing in fontconfig.

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Dear all,
   We currently plan to improve Chinese fonts on Fedora 13. Last time we post a mail on fonts and i18n mailing list, as fangqq proposed a suggestion on this. But after collecting various feedbacks from users, at fedora-i18n meeting, a new proposal is created to replace the previous one. And after recollect these feedbacks, it seems the new proposal is accepted by most users.(Discussion thread in Chinese:
  Please review this new proposal, thanks. 

  The goal of this new proposal is to let Simpilified Chinese (SC) and Traditional Chinese (TC) users choose different fonts. SC users choose SC writing style fonts, while TC users choose TC writing style fonts. some Chinese characters with same unicode code point is written with different style in SC and TC. See:

  To follow the current font policy on Fedora, we consider a new fonts conf for Chinese users in /etc/fonts/conf.d/, as below:
  1. When use Simplified Chinese (SC for brief) locale to login Fedora gdm, all default desktop fonts will use WenQuanYi;
  2. When use Traditional Chinese (TC for brief) locale to login Fedora gdm, all default desktop fonts will use UMing.

  For more details and some other info please read on and

  Needed Changes for this proposal:
  For UMing/UKai, I removed the following fontconfig confs to avoid conflicts with other confs and do some clean up on this: 35-ttf-arphic-ukai-aliases.conf  35-ttf-arphic-uming-aliases.conf 41-ttf-arphic-ukai.conf  41-ttf-arphic-uming.conf 75-ttf-arphic-ukai-select.conf are removed.
  and a updated version of 64-ttf-arphic-uming.conf (from
  For wqy-zenhei, some clean up is done on 44-wqy-zenhei.conf (from
  And 65-wqy-zenhei.conf is renamed to 64-wqy-zenhei.conf, in order to override 65-nonlatin.conf. The new version is from

  For some unknown reason, the fc-match can't give correct results. But it seems gnome/firefox can choose the right fonts, actually I checked it with :
  $lsof /usr/share/fonts/*/*

  Peng Wu
PS:Please reply to both fedora-fonts and fedora-i18n mailing list.
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