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Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Not at all. I should have said 'TTC is almost unknown of except for CJK
> users'. So it will work for CJK-oriented apps, and behave strangely elsewhere.

It was the "behave strangely" bit that I disagreed. I think they
behave flawlessly in most case, despite they are uncommon for
non CJK fonts.

> (The way some CJK fonts only export a CJK non-latin name is very disturbing to
> many apps too. Lots of fun for CSS rules too. CJK users do not see it because
> they only use an environment that targets CJK users with CJK defaults).

To my knowledge, this is not that common. The only oddities
I know are SimSun/SimHei (the default Chinese fonts for
Win9x,Win2x) which contain a non-Latin PS font name;
but their TTF name table have names for both Chinese and

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