Re: [Lohit-devel-list] Releasing Lohit Devanagari Today!!

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Le Mer 3 février 2010 01:15, "Arne Götje (高盛華)" a écrit :
> प्रविण सातपुते wrote:

> Instead of releasing single font files for all those languages which use
> the same script in slightly different variations, you could release a
> single .ttc file which includes all those fonts, but saves space, since
> most of the glyphs are the same in all those languages.
> If you need help on how to do this, ask me.

Please don't create more TTC fonts unless absolutely necessary. Multiple
different font faces and families in the same file badly break many
application expectations. The file size wins are not worth it. locl on the
other hand is well supported as it's the standard way to handle cyrillic and

Nicolas Mailhot

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