[RFA] Font audit results for Fedora 12 and 2009-11-22 fedora-devel

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With a little delay here are the font audit results for Fedora 12 and
2009-11-22 fedora-devel. I think I've taken into account all the
feedback I received since last run. More feedback is of course welcome
(except for the file size computation, I know it's broken, was not worth
re-doing a 7h test run to fix it).

Seeing some numbers go down would be nice.

Individual packagers should have received their personalized
notification some hours ago (some in duplicate, the first relay host I
used blacklisted me as a spammer sometime in the middle of the run so I
had to restart everything, sorry about that, will try to improve).

Some people asked me why I didn't go the bugzilla route: look at the
numbers, there's no way I can write a script smart enough to manage
hundreds of bugs with different states. And doing it manually alone
would be a nightmare.

Special mention goes to jussilehtola for xine-ui: not only he
managed to add 27 font files not packaged according to Fedora guidelines
during the F-12 cycle, but 14 are copies of the same font.


Nicolas Mailhot

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