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(CC'ed Tom 'spot' Callaway)

(2009年11月10日 15:22), Igshaan Mesias wrote:
> 2009/11/10 "かいお (Kaio)" <k@xxxxxxx>:
>> (2009年11月10日 05:15), Igshaan Mesias wrote:
>>> I have packaged M+ family of fonts.
>> I wonder if you could package it with alphanumeric name? such as mplus-fonts
>> because I worry if usage of `+` could pass the package review. :)
> The actual package name is 'mplus-fonts'. I have not made use of the
> '+' for this very reason.
Are all the fonts listed in members of mplus font?

Also the license statements on in full?

Could you persuade the author to release under GPL or any other better

For legal issues please contact Tom 'spot' Callaway.


かいお kaio |

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