Re: "Problems detected in the oldstandard-sfd-fonts rawhide package!"

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Le Sam 31 octobre 2009 11:15, Nicolas Mailhot a écrit :
> Le Sam 31 octobre 2009 10:57, TK009 a écrit :
>> Running FC_DEBUG=256 against ns-tiza gives me a list of about 50 scripts. Is a
>> list that size normal?
> Many latin scripts use ASCII + one or two additional glyphs. If tiza's
author drawed basic latin (=ascii) only, I wouldn't be surprised the list
was very long.
> It means that Tiza could almost be used, but not quite, by a lot of people.
This is a shame. Please relay it to the font author

Of course please only relay elements of the form

foo(2) { 1e34 1e35 }

foo(0) means the coverage for foo is complete
foo(big number) means the coverage is incomplete, but you should not bother
upstream with something that needs a large effort (big number glyphs) on their

Nicolas Mailhot

Nicolas Mailhot

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