Re: "Problems detected in the oldstandard-sfd-fonts rawhide package!"

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Le Sam 31 octobre 2009 09:03, Ankur Sinha a écrit :

Hi Ankur,

> On Thu, 2009-10-29 at 23:13 +0100, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

>> 17. Fonts with partial script coverage
>>     ☛ Some font files included in the package are missing only a few glyphs
>> to be
>>     accepted by fontconfig as covering one or several scripts. Therefore
>> they
>>     could be made useful to more people with only a little effort.
>>     To check a font file script coverage, run fc-query with FC_DEBUG=256 and
>>     look for lines like: script-id¹(number) { list-of-unicode-codepoints }
> I got this email, one each for *every* font package that I maintain.

If your packages only fail test 17 they're in pretty good shape.

> I
> don't exactly understand what I'm supposed to do to fix the package. Can
> someone please outline the procedure?
> I ran fc-query on one of the files:

You need to run it with debug set to 256 to see the coverage warnings
(FC_DEBUG=256 fc-query my-file). You also have a pre-computed fc-query output
in the tar.xz attached to the message.

Almost no one knows this so very few font authors have checked their coverage
according to fontconfig so far and many fonts could easily be fixed to cover
more scripts. When you see that according to fc-query one of the packaged
fonts needs X, Y and Z to fully cover A script, you can relay the info to the
font author so he completes his font. Of course fontconfig is not perfect so
if you see it wants X for A, but that makes no sense to you, you can open a
bug fontconfig-side to have its rules for A changed.

fc-query only warns when it needs less than 10 glyphs to complete a script;
considering the typical font includes hundreds of those that's a very small
effort for the font author.

Lastly if you have artistic skills you can always draw the missing glyphs and
propose them as patches upstream. But I doubt many of out packagers will chose
this option.

Well, that just shows repo-font-audit messaging could be improved. Text
suggestions are welcome :p


Nicolas Mailhot

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